The cost of planning an apartment / house completed within 24 hours

Here is the price for a planning solution project from our architectural studio. We know our work, we do it qualitatively and on time!

Apartment layout
in 24 hours
for apartment/apartment/house special offer
  • The best planning solution (1-2 options) for your apartment / house or apartment up to 100 m2. Recommendations and expert opinion.
  • Notes:
  • * In case of development of a larger area (up to 200 m2) - the cost will increase by 2 times, and the time will be 48 hours.
  • ** This package INCLUDES the layout with the arrangement of furniture and equipment, calculation of the area of the premises.
  • *** DOES NOT INCLUDE the plan with the dimensions of the rooms, the dimensions of the walls and partitions.
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