prices for design work

This section contains the basic prices for architectural design, the final cost of design is calculated by our architectural workshop individually, after receiving the initial data from the customer, since the price of architectural work depends on many factors.

Preliminary design
drawings + 3D visualization
    • Situational plan with adjacent territories;
    • General plan; Floor plans with explications of the premises;
    • facades; cuts; Roofing design;
    • 3D Visualization.
    • Deadline for the completion of the draft design of a private house
    • 3-4 weeks
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Working draft
drawings for 5 main sections
  • Architectural Solutions
    • General data on the project;
    • Basic building indicators;
    • Floor plans with explications of premises and dimensions;
    • Facades;
    • Cuts;
    • Roofing design;
    • Explication of floors;
    • Specifications for filling window and door openings;
    • Ventilation risers;
    • Marking plans;
    • Room finishing list.
    • + Constructive decisions
    • + Heating and ventilation
    • + Water supply and sewerage
    • + Electrical equipment
  • Deadline for the implementation of the working project of a private house
  • 5-7 weeks
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1. The cost and terms of conceptual architectural design are discussed individually. 2. The cost and terms of designing for objects with an area exceeding 500 m2 are discussed individually. 3. Design cost is for reference only. Depending on the specific task, it can change both up and down.
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