Apartment plan in 24 hours

Ordering a unique service - "Planning an apartment / house in 24 hours" will help you decide on the choice of purchased housing, take into account all the pros and cons of the premises before the purchase of the object takes place. When buying an apartment, we help you choose the best layout. You can order the layout of the apartment online!
Планировка квартиры онлайн TVOYCREATIVE
Планировка квартиры онлайн TVOYCREATIVE

Our advantages

In our work, we take into account not only design techniques, such as ergonomics and functionality, but also architectural and constructive solutions:
  • Orientation to the cardinal points
    The climatic zone and orientation to the cardinal points greatly affect the microclimate of the room.
  • Weather and structures
    Weather conditions and the location of the object affect the deformation of the materials and structures of the building.
  • Engineering Communication
    The presence of engineering networks, their compliance with technical standards and rules, entry points and the possibility of transfer - affect the layout.
  • Window
    The number and size of windows, the depth of the room - affect the penetration of light rays, providing comfortable illumination.
  • Insolation
    The orientation of the windows of the room and the surrounding buildings - affects human health due to insolation (the time that direct sunlight enters the window openings of the apartment).
  • Deadline
    The unique offer will not only provide you with a quick result, but also guarantee the high quality of the planning solution.

Initial data provided by the customer (in case of remote work):

1. Address of the object (city, street, house number, name of the residential complex, if any) - to determine the surrounding buildings and the influence of climate features; 2. The orientation of the apartment relative to the cardinal points, the number of windows - to assess the insolation of the room;
3. Photo and video bypassing the object - to understand the general technical condition;
4. Photo and video recording of the places where communications enter the apartment (water pipes, sewer riser, ventilation shafts, power supply, gas boiler, etc.); 5. Plan from the developer, floor, internal height of the room;
6. All your wishes.

* It is desirable but not necessary - measurements of walls, partitions, window and door openings, heights of the window sill, window, window lintel, binding columns to the nearest walls / partitions).

Send all information by email info@tvoycreative.com
Please indicate in the subject line "Initial data"

** If we have the opportunity to meet at the facility, then the list of missing input data will be agreed with you at the location.

Sample input data

Minimum information about the object:
Technical details
- Odessa
- address: _____________
- Residential Complex "New"
- 2nd floor / 7th floor building
- there is gas
- room height 2.8 m

Photo fixation
Photo and video recording of the places where communications enter the apartment (water pipes, sewer riser, ventilation shafts, power supply, gas boiler, etc.)
Your wishes
- Young family 2 persons
- Provide a closed bedroom, a large living room. We give preference to open space and a kitchen-dining room ...

How we are working:

Initial data
We are waiting for you at info@tvoycreative.com all source data for the object.
After receiving and processing them, we inform you about the readiness to start work.
Service payment
You pay the full cost (100%). The service "Planning in 24 hours" does NOT provide for payment in installments.
Getting the finished plan
Within 24 hours from the moment you pay for the order and receive all the initial data from you, you will be sent a finished digital image of a professional planning solution with our recommendations.
Questions and answers:
I'm interested in your offer, but I'm from another city and have no idea how you can make a layout without seeing the object?
Yes, you are right, the best guarantee of high-quality project implementation is a personal inspection of the object. But also we must not forget that the success of design always depends on two parties - both from the designer and from the customer. It is quite possible to work remotely if you have sufficient professional experience and all the necessary initial data from the customer.
And how will you arrange the furniture, if we don't know what it will be yet?
Each piece of furniture and equipment is made to certain standard dimensions, which may not differ significantly from each other. But if the layout does not allow you to choose from a wide range of options, then all restrictions will be agreed with you in advance.
Are you sure you can make it in 24 hours? I need not only fast, but also high quality!
Yes, we will, everything will be ready in 24 hours. I personally control the quality of the work process. In addition, we not only guarantee a professional result, but we can also justify all the architectural, design and technical decisions we make.
Is the cost of online and offline work different?
No, the cost is the same.
If the area of my apartment exceeds 100 m2, does it mean that the layout will cost more?
We have a fixed price for flats and suites up to 100 m2. If the area of your apartment is larger than this footage, the cost will double, and the term for planning will be from 24 to 48 hours.
Will I be able to transfer your layout to the builders so that they can build partitions in the right places?
Yes, you can transfer, but most likely this will not be enough for the builders. They will want a plan with dimensions to relieve themselves of responsibility for the decisions they make.
Don't you make a plan with the dimensions of the rooms?
The service "Planning in 24 hours" includes only a plan with the arrangement of furniture and equipment, as well as a calculation of the area of the premises. A plan with dimensions is included in a full-fledged design project, which we can also carry out for you.
How much does it cost to order a design project from you?
You can find all prices for interior design projects here.
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