Landscape Design

Landscaping by our architectural studio is the creation of a landscape design project, the implementation of a landscape project, maintenance of the irrigation system and plant care
Our architectural studio performs work on the design of landscape design and landscaping of household plots and squares, with a detailed study of dendrology.
We develop irrigation systems and carry out a full cycle of work from design to implementation and further maintenance.
We will help you go all the way - from dream to reality, step by step to creating your garden!

Our services

  • Development of a dendrological site plan, design of an automatic irrigation system with subsequent installation and maintenance;
  • Purchase and planting of plants (domestic and imported);
  • Creation of rockeries, arrangement of alpine slides, decorative reservoirs (film and plastic), streams;
  • Lawn device;
  • Planting deciduous and evergreen hedges;
  • Arrangement of platforms and walking paths made of natural stone on the lawn;
  • Garden care nine months a year: mowing, aerating, fertilizing the lawn; cutting individual shrubs and hedges; caring for flower beds and rock gardens, pest control, fertilization; irrigation system maintenance; preparing plants for winter

Many of our objects are on our service (garden maintenance nine months a year) and are equipped with automatic watering systems GARDENA (manufactured in Germany).
An example of landscape design

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