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This section will publish reviews about the School of Architect TVOYCREATIVE. If you have completed our course, were satisfied or noted shortcomings, please write to us about it, or better, send a video message.
Even if something is not right, do not be shy - let us know about it and we will do our best to make you satisfied, and we have done work on the bugs and become better! Send all feedback to with the subject line "Review". Do not forget that only by joint efforts can we achieve high results!
Логотип Школы Архитектора TVOYCREATIVE
TVOYCREATIVE is a modern, responsive, creative online school founded in 2021. We are constantly working on new, relevant, exciting, but at the same time professional training programs, as well as improving previously created basic courses. Already today you can leave a request for pre-registration of the course you are interested in. Now our team is preparing to launch the educational process and we hope that this will happen as early as 2023. We will be glad if at the end of the training you leave your video reviews, write us a few words by mail or in social networks and we will post them on this page. See you on the courses!
— Oleksandr Тokar

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