Architectural design

Learning the basics of architectural design, developing an architectural concept, creating a paper layout in our school of architecture and design, online architecture courses for middle and high school students, practice for our best students and graduates in architectural studio TVOYCREATIVE
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Architectural design is one of the most complex human activities, although it is very interesting and exciting. You can't become an architect in a few lessons, but you can understand the essence of the profession, learn basic skills, lay the foundation for future development not only in this area, but also discover, invisible at first glance, the relationship of each person with the environment.
In our School of Architect you will be able to develop your imagination, learn how to shape your thoughts into specific forms and images, work out the acquired knowledge in practice, create or expand your portfolio.

Логотип Школы Архитектора TVOYCREATIVE
Directions for teaching the architecture of buildings and structures
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