In this article, I will present to you my vision of the problems of traditional, classical education in architectural universities and colleges, as well as the reason and purpose of creating School of Architect TVOYCREATIVE
Today I want to tell you about the complexities of classical education using the example of my work experience in an architectural university and college.
As you already know from my previous article "About Me or First Impression", in 1999. I graduated from the 11th grade of an ordinary general education school in Odessa and entered the Architectural Institute. There I had to study for 6 years and in 2005. defend a master's degree in architecture. Of course, this is a huge store of knowledge, but as you yourself understand, theory without practice is dead, and here I will express my personal opinion on this matter. I would like to immediately make a reservation that I know the higher architectural schools in the post-Soviet space, where the problems that will be discussed below are either not there, or they are not critical and are being solved. I am from Odessa and it pains me to watch the withering of one of the strongest architectural schools in our country. My words will relate specifically to the city of Odessa, but I think that not only we have such problems.
The connection of generations in the architectural environment is when teachers are proud of us, and we are not ashamed of our work.
So, let's designate 6 main factors influencing traditional, classical education in architectural universities and colleges:

1. Educational program. From personal experience, during the period of my teaching to students of 1-2 courses at the Department of Fundamentals of Architecture of OGASA, I encountered a significant reduction in the hours of study in major subjects, such as architectural design and volume-spatial composition (OPC), and the subject of architectural layout was generally removed from studying programs.

2. Reporting. This trouble filled the minds of almost all teachers. In many ways, it is unjustified paperwork that takes precious time from the teacher, which he could devote to the student. I do not argue, there should be reports, but the report is not the goal of learning!

3. Professional staff. The long-standing trend towards classical education is mercilessly throwing professionals in their field overboard. The reason is largely banal - finance. And if you want to get a really decent education, then you must remember one thing - only the teacher who receives decent pay for his work can help you. Not every person is worthy of a teacher's knowledge, not everyone appreciates his experience, strength and time spent. A teacher can truly reveal his gift to a student only when he does not have to constantly think about how to buy bread and how to feed his family.

4. Theory and practice. There are basic principles on which every profession is built, and there are fundamental laws that have existed for decades, if not hundreds of years. But it is very important to put each theory to the test by practice, and be based not on someone else's stories, but on your own personal experience. That is why many architectural universities value practical teachers who have their own architectural bureau and workshop and really work, as they say, "on the ground".

5. Technologies. In a modern and rapidly changing world, modern technologies largely determine the construction industry. This must be taken into account, to make adjustments to the learning process for the design of buildings and structures, as well as related subjects. Teachers should be able to learn new things not under compulsion, but from an understanding of the current need and benefit to their students.

6. Self improvement. If you think that every architecture graduate will actually design floating cities and the tallest skyscrapers, you are wrong. Breaking to the top of iconic buildings and structures is possible, but this is the exception rather than the rule, and usually hundreds of people work on one large project. But in no case should this stop the creative development of the individual. Perhaps you are the very person who will ascend the architectural Olympus, but you need to be prepared for this.

I am a simple person, an architect-designer, I do not have huge budgets and powers, I cannot issue a state diploma (yet), but I want to contribute to the professional education of a future student, to light the same fire in him as they once lit inside me.

I have a goal - to create professional courses in architecture and design, to help my students become passionate about creativity and believe in themselves. And it doesn't matter who you are - a middle or high school student, a student of an architectural technical school, a specialized university or college, or maybe you are already an adult, an established personality who for many years dreamed of becoming creative, understanding design, construction and repair, creating decor and fill your home with an atmosphere of comfort. It is for such a person that the TVOYCREATIVE School of Architects was created, where I invite you. See you!
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