Why do not like the designer?

In this article, we will understand what is causing the decrease in the cost of wages for the services of an interior designer and the moral depreciation of the profession.
Over the past 10 years, the demand for interior designers has increased significantly and against this background a large number of educational institutions and online courses have appeared. But there is a problem - many customers were dissatisfied with the work of designers, among their acquaintances they began to distribute anti-advertising and discredit the profession, and this is already a significant blow, both to the contractor's wallet and to the industry of these services as a whole. Let's look into the causes of what happened and try to find a way out that will satisfy all parties to the conflict.
The analysis and debriefing will be based on my personal experience, based on the specialized education that I received from 1999 to 2005. at the Architectural Institute at the Odessa State Academy of Construction and Architecture (OGASA). So, until 2005, there was no "Design" direction at our institute and all students, after 6 years of study, graduated with the specialty "Architecture of buildings and structures". But by this time in our city, and throughout the country as a whole, they began to pay attention to the trend of growing demand for the fashionable word "Design" and the phrase "Interior Design".
The cause of all problems, including the field of architecture and design, is poor-quality education.
This need was largely due to economic factors. After the dashing 90s and the economic crisis of 1998. people slowly came to their senses, accumulated, albeit small, but capital, allowing them to invest this money in their homes or buy commercial real estate with them. Someone did not buy ready-made, but built their own, new - a house, a summer residence, etc. So, after 2000, under the influence of the prevailing social need and the increase in printed publications with beautiful pictures, mostly foreign interiors, our people said the phrase: "What is it? Why are we worse?" and quickly ran to look for interior designers. But as you already know, at that time there were only architects. This does not mean that there was no one to do the interior design, on the contrary, the design was done by architects who were familiar with the whole range of work arising around a beautiful picture, and the percentage of dissatisfied customers was minimal. At the same time, despite the new specialty "Design" that appeared, the cutting of profile subjects in the general curriculum continued. I talked about these problems in more detail in my previous article "Why?"
Today's realities are such that architectural and design faculties began to appear in many universities and colleges, which initially had no direct relation to the industry. In principle, this can be explained - if there is a demand, you need to provide an offer, as they say - the law of the market. But there is a nuance in all this. In many respects, due to the low remuneration of the teacher, only theorists began to appear in educational institutions, who either for a very long time, and even worse - never at all, did not come across real practice. True professional practitioners were making money, albeit not in the very deep water of the design, construction and repair market. The rest had to be content with what was left.
This is exactly what the chain mechanism or "domino principle" includes - teachers do not have the opportunity or desire to apply their knowledge in practice, students of these theoretical teachers very often cannot foresee all the pitfalls of a real construction or repair, customers get a feeling of dissatisfaction and unjustified expectations a bunch of additional costs and problems, and this, in turn, leads to a decrease in the cost of remuneration for the services of the designer himself and the moral depreciation of the profession.

I have the right to tell you about all this, only because I have ten years of teaching and twenty years of real work experience in the field of architecture and design. I study every day and try to improve my knowledge and skills. Since 2005 my architectural studio works, designing and implementing various objects. We pay special attention to working with customers and contractors, but the problem of the incompetence of specialists in my field, every day, exposes the issue of professional education more and more, and something needs to be done about it, the solution cannot be shelved. That is why the TVOYCREATIVE School of Architecture and Design was created, where I invite you. See you!
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