The wind of change in the profession

In this article, we will analyze in which related areas a competent architect and designer can realize themselves.
In a period of global change, economic crises and industrial revolutions, people have been facing the same problems for more than a hundred years. First of all, this is the loss of work, and sometimes the withering away of an entire industry in which a person was included. Today's realities are also quite difficult, and a logical question arises: "How to insure yourself and your family in case of loss of work in the architectural field?"
I touched on this topic a little in my previous article "Who should I study for?", But today, it would be appropriate to tell in which specific areas of creativity a person who has knowledge and skills in the architectural and design environment can successfully realize himself, for one reason or another who lost his job or wants to change something in his life.
The advantages of education, which make it possible to gain a broad outlook and understanding of processes in various sectors of life, certainly wins over the narrowly focused format of modern educational trends, not only in the struggle for survival, but also for preserving oneself as a full-fledged member of society, capable of benefiting it with its skilled labor. I think that such thoughts arose not only in my head, but many people had to look for answers almost by touch. Therefore, let's cover not only professions related to architecture, but take entire areas and areas of activity.
But I want to warn you right away, I will express my vision of this issue, based on the personal experience of an architecture and design teacher, head of my own Architectural Studio, knowledge gained through trial and error. My view may differ from that of other expert analysts.
A competent approach to obtaining quality knowledge and planning your life will ensure stability in the face of uncertainty and storm.
One of the first subjects to be studied in architectural universities and colleges is Architectural Graphics. The practical tasks of which are aimed at developing manual techniques for submitting and designing projects. On the basis of only one of this subject, several directions are opened - Publishing and printing, as well as Website development and web design.

Both of these areas involve working with fonts, competent page layout during layout, the application of the basic laws of composition on a plane and in a virtual volume. From ordinary tasks, such as creating an ex-libris and designing several images of different formats in a single style, the familiar phrases of today appeared - the logo and corporate identity, with additions and more detail turned into an independent branch - Graphic and industrial design.

This area is greatly helped by the skills of academic linear-constructive drawing, light and shade laws and sketches of the human figure. Geometric compositions and color science from the subject - Painting, actively influence the perception of a person, his psychology and behavior, subjugating another area - Photo and video advertising.

The integration of architecture and design in cinema is happening all the time. In the same way, the reverse principle begins to work, when techniques and formats for the design and presentation of architectural projects are borrowed from the video industry. The need to create beautiful and unusual scenery, in parallel with the emergence of powerful computers for processing virtual volumes and shapes, prompted the development of another direction - Visualization and computer graphics.

This area is one of the most powerful, stable and promising. It is likely that in the near future, buildings will be mass-printed on large 3D printers, eliminating a huge number of workers from the process. But since this time has not yet come, active and far-sighted individuals, as they say, "seize the moment." I know several of them. From architects, they retrained into foremen and formed professional construction teams, fulfilling orders of increased complexity and requiring high qualifications of specialists, as well as designers who have mastered the field of decor. Thus, the list can be replenished with one more branch - Construction, repair and decor.

Here, the knowledge gained in the architectural environment is used to the maximum. Beautiful pictures and virtual flights of objects are replaced by specific construction tasks, minor repairs and interior decoration, creating materialized visual art for a comfortable life for people.
As you can see, the field of architecture and design is very prolific, and it is safe to say that having mastered at least some of the possible knowledge and skills, you will definitely be able to find your place in life and not lose that very thin thread of inspiration that will surely take possession of hearts. creative people. In order to facilitate the endless search for disparate information and save not just hours, but years of your life, the TVOYCREATIVE School of Architecture and Design was created, where we place up-to-date courses that correspond to the spirit of our time and are not afraid of the wind of change. See you!
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