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In this article, we will analyze - is it possible to get a quick and high-quality result by ordering an apartment layout online?
In recent years, online services have become a massive part of our lives. For example, until quite recently, it was impossible to even imagine that a huge industry in the form of public education could immediately switch to the Internet format. But it happened. I'm not going to say right now whether it's good or bad. This is a fact that needs to be accepted and adapted to the new realities of life.
Designing is quite a complex process and few people manage to do their job really well and maintain a high level of professionalism. And this despite the fact that the vast majority of projects are in the traditional offline sphere, where there is both live communication and many issues can be resolved non-verbally right at the facility. The reasons for the difficulties and problems of professional training of participants in the design services market are largely due to the negative trends in modern education, which I have already written about in previous articles - "Why do they not like a designer?", And also "Why?"

If we talk about the relationship between the layout of the apartment and the architect, then this is mainly observed at the design stage of the residential building itself, when there is a specific customer and terms of reference. At this point, the object of design is the whole house or residential complex, and not individual apartments. But when the construction is completed and the object finds its new owners, it often becomes necessary to transform the internal space for a specific person or family. Here, in addition to architects who are actively involved in interior design, designers are involved.
Making repairs without a designer, and even more so without a professional planning solution, is an unaffordable luxury.
In fact, everyone acts according to the same plan, but as they say, there are nuances in everything. And if it is not so difficult to identify the features of an object in an offline format, then only a professional with many years of experience and a full-fledged architectural education can repeat all the same remote work without losing the high level of design work. Why is that? Yes, because when it comes to planning an apartment in a new building or on the secondary market, first of all, you need to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the building itself and the surrounding development to identify factors that affect a particular object and are beyond your control.

What is this about? Well, for example, the orientation of the object to the cardinal points, nearby buildings, the floor where the apartment is located, the presence of bay windows, balconies and loggias on the facade - all this significantly affects insolation (direct sunlight entering the window and doorways of living rooms) and already this, in turn, is critically important for the health of a person and his family.
Sometimes customers turn to me for advice before buying an apartment, and this is very right, because in this case you can take into account the climatic features of a particular region, district, city, know in advance from which side the apartment will be subjected to heavy precipitation in the form of rain and snow, and where, on the contrary, in addition to cooling the room with an air conditioner, additional sun protection is needed due to overheating in the summer months.

All these are external factors that architects study and which designers may not be aware of due to a slightly different specificity of the profession.
Thanks to the many years of experience of our Architectural Studio TVOYCREATIVE, we are not only not afraid to take on the planning of an apartment online, but we also guarantee a high-quality result of a planning solution within one working day, from the moment we receive all the necessary initial data. You can find out more about the unique service by clicking on the link - "Planning in 24 hours". If you want to order an apartment layout online or you need professional advice, please contact us, we will be happy to help! See you!
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