About myself or first impression

In this article, I will share with you my memories from my childhood and student years, which determined my further creative activity.
I am from Odessa, born in 1982. in an ordinary family and, as it seemed to me before, quite by accident became an architect. This was facilitated by my dislike for mathematics in my school years and when choosing a university for admission, among economic and legal (in the late 90s these were the most prestigious options in our city), at the Odessa Institute of Architecture (former OISI) there was no mathematics at the introductory exams.
In 1999, I became a student at the Odessa Architectural Institute at the Odessa State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture. The first semester was very difficult for me due to the fact that many subjects had something in common with the already completed school curriculum, higher mathematics appeared (whether it's okay), instead of implementing some creative ideas, there were monotonous and painstaking work on classical architectural details, hillshade, architectural graphics and a huge amount of homework on the drawing (sometimes it seemed that he had entered the artistic graph). Probably, two words can best describe this time - boredom and zapara! Thus passed the first year.

A lot has changed since the second year. No, the training program has not changed, my attitude to study has changed and this was influenced by several factors. But before I tell you about this, I should mention a little about my family and their contribution to the architecture of my hometown.

Great-grandfather was an artist-sculptor and at the beginning of the 20th century took part in the restoration of the ceiling of the world-famous architectural masterpiece - the Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater. My grandmother was an architect and my father became an architect. Before the collapse of the Soviet Union, he worked in the design department of the plant, and since the mid-90s he was invited to teach at our Odessa Architectural Institute at the Department of the Fundamentals of Architecture, where he has been working for many years.
Creativity is hard work and there is no easy money here.
Perhaps now a thought flashed through someone - "now everything is clear with him, connections, acquaintances, blasphemy, he would try to break through without relatives - from scratch." I think that in our time such thoughts are quite natural and justified. In many ways, therefore, I was assigned to a group not with my father, but with another teacher. I think that over the years, many people understand that no connections, acquaintances and money can open talent in you. It can only be opened by a person who is passionate about his work, a teacher or teacher who is able to instill confidence in the student in himself and in his strength. Next up is the technique! It seems to me that everyone needs to meet such a person at some time. It is he who opens the doors of the profession for you, and only then everything depends on you personally - as they say: "To be or not to be?"
Course project - Bridge "Dragon"
So, when I was 6 years old, I went to the first class of an ordinary comprehensive school and one autumn day my dad took me on an excursion to the Union of Architects. The large room had several drawing boards and drawing boards, and around the perimeter were cupboards with glass shelves. So there, at the top of these cabinets, there were snow-white paper models, one of which was even presented to me! Time passed and over the years I began to forget this moment. But in the second year of the institute, the sensations were repeated when, from a small pantry at the Department of the Fundamentals of Architecture, they brought models of work by undergraduates to the audience. At that time, it was in many ways stunning, because. you are just at the beginning of the journey, in fact, you still don't know how, and here you are shown practically unattainable masterpieces of modern architecture. An additional and decisive factor in my professional path was precisely the same teacher of our group - Yury Grigorievich Syushchuk. He, unfortunately, is no longer with us, but I am sure that besides me, hundreds of students with whom he worked are grateful to him.
The totality of accidents, which do not happen by chance, left an indelible first impression of the profession and has not let me go for many years. Largely due to the fact that architecture has become more than just a job for me, today I am developing the TVOYCREATIVE School of Architects.
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