Whom to go to study?

In this article, I will help the reader answer the fundamental questions of a professional future and prepare a child for a creative profession in the field of architecture and design.
One of the topics that truly unites parents and children is the choice of the field of study and further profession. Agree, very often children are unfocused, although they are passionate about different interests, show talent, at the same time, it is difficult to imagine who they want to become in the future and come to their parents for advice, asking the question: "Where to go to study?" Parents, in turn, realizing that the time has come for rapid changes around the world, are themselves at a loss, since their own experience and skills from day to day may become unclaimed or do not allow them to feel worthy and confident.
I, like many parents, are also puzzled by this question, since my two daughters are now studying in a comprehensive school (4th and 8th grade), and have asked me questions on this topic more than once. I have developed my own algorithm for searching and choosing professional training programs, and it seems to me that it fully corresponds to today's realities. I will introduce you to him.
Only a universal specialist in his field has every chance of being in demand in a rapidly changing world.
1. First you need to write down on a piece of paper all the main talents and desires of the child. At this stage, an approximate contour of the search may already appear. We must not forget that in many ways, parental genes, as well as the first creative and sports circles, can give a good hint.

2. When an ephemeral image has appeared, you need to detail it and write down the most significant professions and directions of development, by the way, if you still do not have a clear understanding of the field of architecture and design, you just need to SUBSCRIBE to TVOYCREATIVE and a map of professions will come to your mail.

3. When a priority direction is chosen, you need to look for specialized courses that reveal the basic principles of future work in order to understand at this stage whether it is yours or not. And it will be very good if you pass this experiment not at the university, but I know many such examples that led to the loss of precious time and a lot of money.
4. After your choice is made, ask yourself - What if...? Perhaps in a few years there will be revolutionary changes, similar to the invention of the steam engine, which left millions of people involved in the field of horse-drawn transport without work, and your forecast for the future may not come true. In no case do not ignore such thoughts, because they will push you to understand the acquisition of not so much a prestigious profession and a beautiful diploma as the value of universal knowledge and skills that can, without tragedy, help you adapt to the rapidly changing modern world and find your place in it . This topic was covered in more detail in my previous article "Why?"

5. And now, when you know exactly what to look for, it remains to decide where you can get the necessary knowledge and experience to realize your plan or dream.

When I answered all four of the above points for myself, I had to seriously deal with the last - the fifth. So I saw the need to share my experience and knowledge not only with my children, but also with those students who are looking for an interesting approach to the profession and want to develop in the creative field. Summing up and answering the question: "Who should I study for?", My answer will be this - you need to study as a universal specialist, and in our case, the field of architecture and design was chosen.

The TVOYCREATIVE School of Architecture and Design, to which I invite you, can help you and your children find their own creative path. See you!
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