Interior without a designer

In this article, we will look at what can be offered to a person who has refused the services of an interior designer.
The profession of an architect-designer is constantly associated with communication. It can be neighbors, relatives, friends, acquaintances, as well as acquaintances of acquaintances. So, from these conversations, you understand that not everyone resorts to the services of an interior designer. By no means do I want to say that it is not necessary to do this, although the salary of a specialist in this field largely depends on potential customers. Let's see what are the real reasons for this behavior of people and what they really need.
I noticed that people by nature are divided into several groups:

1. Creators - they are "easy-going", there are no unsolvable tasks for them, and the once unfulfilled dream of mastering a creative profession has been haunting them for years. They constantly come up with something, easily decide to remake or repair, but with a prerequisite - the implementation of their plans and brilliant ideas.

2. Observers - such people are silent, carefully and reluctantly talk about their plans, sparingly present ideas for future repairs, but in today's realities they can be understood. They often act according to the principle: "chairs in the morning - money in the evening." They must first be convinced and interested, and only then, perhaps, they will begin to trust you a little.

3. Open - they are always talkative, positive, having their own opinion, ready to listen to professional advice and objectively look at the situation, trust authoritative personalities.

4. Business - very often they are busy people, not at all from the field of design, construction or repair. They want to find a competent specialist to perform a specific task, thereby unloading themselves and freeing up their time.

Despite the difference in characters, age, temperament and attitude to the problem of design, there is something that unites all people - the desire or need to improve the condition of their interior.
All these people, one way or another, neglected the services of a designer. What could be the reasons for this behaviour? The first and most simple is banal savings. But when there are no problems with finances, then a fair question arises - "Why?"

The creators, consciously or subconsciously, perceive the interior designer as a competitor that hinders the implementation of their ideas, and if, nevertheless, they agree to cooperate, then the designer is assigned only the "second number", in other words, the executive function.

Observers, having seen enough beautiful magazines and pictures from the Internet, usually collect their base of references and often know in advance what they want. And if they have already formed an image in their head, then the question follows - why spend money on a designer? If cooperation does begin, they are very skeptical of advice, and even worse, criticism of certain decisions already approved by them. You need very good reasons to convince them of something, but if this happened, you can already get a little credit of trust.
Open - this category of customers is the most comfortable for work, but their decisions can be significantly influenced by acquaintances who already encounter designers and have received negative experience, or more authoritative personalities and their ideas will be opposed to your proposals.

Business - often do not like to delve into the nuances of design, usually delegating this function and the fate of the repair to builders or finishers led by a foreman.

This is how the schedule looks like. To the question "Who is to blame?" in this situation, I gave the answer in one of the previous articles - "Why do they not like the designer?", But "What to do about it?" I'll try to answer now.

If you have finances, even if they are limited, and are still thinking about whether or not to hire an interior designer for a project, I can confidently say that it is worth it. A competent and experienced specialist will take a decent payment from you for his work, but at the same time save you time, money and protect you from unpleasant surprises that may upset you after a short period of time, when the repair is completed. A reliable solution to this issue can be an appeal to our Architectural Studio.
If you are an aspiring interior designer, then I would recommend that you objectively evaluate all your strengths and weaknesses. Where there is a flaw or misunderstanding of the profession, you just need to learn a little, but not from the theorist, but from the practitioner. To do this, you can use various online design courses from our TVOYCREATIVE School of Architecture and Design. When your qualifications reach a sufficiently high level, your circle of friends will more often turn to you for advice or for your services.

Well, if you are planning to make an interior without a designer, relying on your own strength, I would recommend that you yourself understand this art, again, in our online courses at the TVOYCREATIVE School of Architecture. Since the competent process of production of works, from the presence or absence of an interior designer involved in the object, does not change. Anyway, someone has to do this work - you are either a foreman or master builders. When you personally understand the topic, it is more difficult for you to hang "noodles on your ears", and professional knowledge will always help to achieve a better result. See you!
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