A good plan is the key to health!

In this article, we will understand what affects the creation of a good planning solution and how to achieve this if you have already encountered a problem.
Planning is a great thing! Experienced scientists talk about this, they teach it in some schools and universities, folklore tells us about the importance of a far-sighted mind, they show it in old fairy tales and cartoons (remember, for example, the fairy tale "Three Little Pigs"). And indeed, I myself was repeatedly convinced of this when I analyzed the relationship of cause and effect. It is these, inextricably linked, two sides of the same coin of all processes in our lives that could not but affect the sphere of architecture and design, and most importantly, design.
Since most people live in multi-apartment residential buildings, I propose today to talk about the layouts of apartments, where problems with errors are more acute than in the private sector, due to much less possibilities for solving them.
It has been experimentally proven that aesthetic pleasure improves brain function and has a positive effect on the human psyche.
Let's list the factors that affect the plan of the apartment:

1. It all starts with the question: "Who needs this?" and the answer can largely determine the further development of events.

If the state plans to build future housing, then most likely it will be massive (several houses, a microdistrict, a village, etc., or it can be one house, but with the maximum possible number of apartments) to cover the population more and provide them with the necessary square meters.

In another case, the construction customer is usually private or legal persons, which in turn gives more freedom to the designer's imagination.

2. Goals and objectives. Much depends on the choice of what is planned for construction. This can be social housing with small areas and free apartments for those on the waiting list, or a comfortable luxury residential building in a prestigious area with a high cost per square meter - for maximum profit and earnings.

3. The next factor is the features of the selected site. Terrain, relief, climate, availability of existing infrastructure and buildings near the future building. Here comes a fundamental understanding of what can be done, what is not worth it, and what is simply not advisable.

4. Determination of the construction budget. If someone thinks that the lion's share of the allocated funds is spent on technical documentation, and designers bathe in baths of gold bars and coins, I'm afraid to upset you. The figure recommended by the state for design is about 3-5% of the total construction cost. It is clear that this is tentative and applies more to state design organizations. Eminent architectural bureaus (full design cycle) usually estimate their work at 15-17%, the average is 7-10%.

The paradox lies in the fact that even with such minimal scenarios, the customer sometimes cannot or does not want to understand why pay "such a lot of money" and why did the designers raise an unreasonably high price? If you also think that 3-5% of your construction budget is an unjustified waste, ask yourself the question: "How much is your life worth?". I think that those who take responsibility not for one, but for dozens and hundreds of lives, have the right to receive decent pay for their hard work.

5. Experience and qualifications of the designer. I think this is clear and no explanation is needed.

6. And only after all the above points, it is the turn of the architect to directly work on the apartment plans. Here I would like to note the importance of the profession of an interior designer, as well as the understanding by a competent architect of the problems of the next stage, which he can both prevent and create.

We are talking about the possibility of planning the internal space for the needs of a particular customer. This can be done in two ways - firstly, to provide for a free layout of the apartment with a convenient location of communication risers, and secondly, you can initially arrange partitions and expected furniture, taking into account all the laws of ergonomics.

The second option is more common today, as it allows you to immediately show a potential buyer a visualization of his future home.

A good plan is the key not only to physical health, but also financial. A beautiful picture is a very strong argument, but the main thing is that it does not hide the designer's irreparable shortcomings. Therefore, if you are at the stage of selecting the optimal layout and are considering the possibility of altering it to your needs, I recommend using the unique service from our architectural studio, namely "Planning in 24 hours", or you can order our technical Consultation. And if you have just embarked on the path of mastering the profession and want to understand and learn everything yourself, then welcome to our School of Architecture and Design TVOYCREATIVE. See you!
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