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блог архитектора дизайнера Александра Токаря

Useful articles about architecture, design and education

We open the field of architecture and design, construction and repair, decoration and landscaping, training in the architectural and design direction, photo and video content, and much more...
Hello! Let's get acquainted) In this article I will tell you a little about myself ...
How to make a choice of profession and not regret it in the future? Let's talk architecture and design...
What do you need to know and where to study to become a designer? Answers in this article.
What influences the creation of a good planning solution and how to avoid problems.
In this article - why do you need a layout, what types are there, and why paper is the best material.
We will consider what can be offered to a person who has refused the services of an interior designer.
In this article, we will reveal the secrets of how to reduce the risks and ensure the success of the upcoming repair.
Is it possible to get a quick and high-quality result by ordering an apartment layout online?
Is it worth it to start vocational training for children in school years?

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