What does an interior designer do?

In this article, we will analyze the main stages of repair and the amount of work that a designer usually does.
People tend to equip their homes, create coziness and comfort, but not everyone fully understands the whole range of tasks that an interior designer solves. Often, many refuse these services not only in order to save money, but more even as unnecessary. Why so, if the demand for this specialty is only growing? Is it really possible to do without an interior designer during the renovation, and if so, then what issues will remain unresolved or who will do the design work? Read the answers in this article.
Despite the fact that all interior designers have a certain general algorithm of work, each specialist has his own experience and vision of the path to success. Today I will share with you my thoughts based on many years of experience in fulfilling orders for an interior project, as well as the implementation of turnkey projects.
Interior design is a multi-level profession that affects both the aesthetics of the premises and the lives of their inhabitants.
The whole process of working on interior design can be divided into several stages:

Preparatory stage:

1. I think the first thing to start with is to inspect the location of the object. Depending on the densely populated area, the height and remoteness of nearby buildings and structures, orientation to the cardinal points, the architectural image of the building in which the object is directly located, one of the most important parameters of residential premises depends - insolation (direct sunlight entering the window and doorways of living rooms) .

2. Inspection of the apartment from the inside, to understand the general technical condition, identify all the shortcomings of the builders or repair teams of the previous owners (cracks, wetting, fungus, etc.).

3. In addition to a superficial examination, my architectural education allows me to determine the structural scheme of the building and the possibility, if necessary, of dismantling fragments of walls or partitions, as well as making new openings in the supporting structures.

4. Availability of engineering networks, their compliance with technical norms and rules, entry points and the possibility of transfer.

5. Obtaining the missing initial data from the customer and fixing his wishes for style, color scheme, etc.

After all the necessary initial data have been obtained and the premises have been inspected, it is time for the next stage:

Design stage:

1. Measurements

2. Selection of a visual range

3. Approval by the customer of a specific style or image of the future interior

4. Layout with the arrangement of furniture and equipment

5. Plan after redevelopment with dimensions, bindings of walls and partitions

6. Ceiling plan with cuts in key areas

7. Electrical plans (lights, switches, sockets)

8. Floor plan with layout of floor materials

9. Plan with the designation of warm floors

10. Plan with binding plumbing and heating equipment

11. Reamers of the walls of the bathroom with the layout of tiles or other finishing materials

12. Additional sections and sweeps of the premises (if necessary)

13. List of interior decoration

14. Room visualizations

This is where the standard part of the designer's work ends and the final stage remains - the implementation of the interior project.

If it is necessary to perform all the work on a turnkey basis, architectural supervision (responsible to a greater extent for aesthetics) begins - the selection of electrical, plumbing, finishing materials, textiles, tinting paints, obtaining the necessary textures, and in parallel with this, technical supervision is carried out to ensure the correctness fulfillment of all stages of work and processes, execution of contracts in salons and stores, organization of logistics for the supply of finishing materials (not to be confused with building materials, the delivery of which is the responsibility of the foreman), as well as furniture and equipment to the facility.
For many years, our Architectural Studio has been engaged in the whole complex of interior design works. Based on real experience, in 2021. The TVOYCREATIVE School of Architecture and Design was created, where we host our specialized courses for middle and high school students, applicants and students of specialized universities, as well as for adults, accomplished individuals who want to independently understand and master the profession of an interior designer. See you!
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