Architect after grade 9

In this article, we will analyze whether it is worth starting vocational training for children in school years.
Every day more and more parents pay attention to the professional training of their children, not only for entrance exams to the university, but also to develop practical knowledge and skills during their school years. It is clear that we are all different, and children also perceive new information differently - some are slower, some are faster. But there is an opinion that architecture is a very serious field, which should be dealt with only after graduating from a secondary school. Is it really? Let's take a closer look.
Having twenty years of real experience in the field of architecture and design, many years of practice in my own Architectural Studio, ten years of teaching, I would like to share with you my view on this important issue. I am in favor of architecture for schoolchildren, although, of course, this is a much more responsible process, which will largely determine the future of the child, in contrast to the personality that has already been formed.
Architecture, as well as work, must be taught from childhood.
I see 5 main reasons to start studying architecture after the 9th grade, and I don't think it's too early or pointless.

1. Acquaintance with the profession. Already at an early stage of immersion in the profession, you will understand whether it is yours or not. Before spending a lot of effort, time and money on the profession of an architect or designer, it is advisable to decide how much it is for you and whether this is really what you really want.

2. Simple tasks available to middle and high school students. If competent specialists are selected in an architectural school, then the initial training program for young talents can be built on the basis of simple and uncomplicated tasks, while developing perseverance and a careful approach to business in children.

3. Additional time to gain experience. In recent years, in some architectural universities, there has been a reduction in educational hours in specialized subjects. If this trend continues, then nothing good will come of it, even if you have a state diploma in your hands. And if, all of a sudden, there will be changes in a positive direction, and the situation will improve, then you need to understand that public education is very inert and it will take a long time until the lost is restored. Ask yourself the question - are you ready to wait for the weather by the sea?

4. Partial compensation for lost knowledge at the university. The main dilemma of each student is the choice - between regular attendance at the university or looking for a job with the further acquisition of practical experience. Thanks to the professional training received at school, the fulfillment of tasks at the institute will accelerate, which means that time will be freed up for real practice.

5. Create a professional portfolio. Another problem when applying for a job or doing an internship is experience. If there is no experience, then it will be very, very difficult to get a job. And what can I say, if already in the first year to work is not what you want, but you need, and preferably in your specialty. So by this point you need to have a quality portfolio. Where to get it? This is where the idea comes to mind that it is worth starting preparations in advance - in the middle and senior classes of a comprehensive school.
Having sufficient experience and a responsible approach to business, adapting to the modern, rapidly changing world, I, like many other parents, have to build my own algorithm in the professional training of my daughters. But I know for sure that my knowledge can help many children, as well as their parents, for whom the issue of the quality of education and the search for a professional school for a young architect is not in last place. That is why the TVOYCREATIVE School of Architecture and Design was created, where I invite you. See you!
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