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Oleksandr Tokar
Head of architectural studio

Architectural illustration

Creation of atmospheric architectural digital illustrations and collages, gift cards, etc. with a unique hand-feed style.

Interior Design

The development of a design project with a technical part will give a clear understanding of the style, color schemes, arrangement of furniture and equipment in accordance with all ergonomic standards. Electrical, lighting, air conditioning and heating plans will help specialists quickly and correctly (and therefore economically for the budget) implement all your ideas at the facility.

Planning in 24 hours

A unique service - "Planning an apartment / house in 24 hours" will help you decide on the choice of purchased housing, take into account all the pros and cons of the premises before the purchase of the object takes place.

Landscape design

We carry out a full cycle of works on the improvement of the territory - design, implementation, maintenance of the irrigation system and plant care.

Architectural design

Development of architectural concepts, draft and working designs, project documentation for reconstruction or new construction.

Light design

Design of lighting concepts.


We provide offline/online expert advice - design advice, architectural advice, real estate (recommended before buying/renting a property). We check the layout of the apartment, audit the architectural solutions of the developer. We save your budget!

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